About us

We are a property development company whose main focus is on the design and development of quality projects, properties, plots in Cyprus, specializing in the design and building of villas, townhouses and apartments, shops, hotels, holiday villages in the Limassol, Paphos and Polis regions, from individual bespoke plots to large residential projects. [Read More]

EU Residency

The application for the issue of a PERMANENT RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE is submitted by a Union citizen and family members also Citizens of a Member State, after a five-year period of uninterrupted legal residence in the Republic of Cyprus

Eco Thermo House

EcoThermoHouse© is a new and perspective building technology of fast construction on the principle of “Lego” and is a unique patented process utilizing the power of composite technology. [Read More]

At Chrysostomou & Theocharous, our vision, persistency, commitment and attention to detail are all hallmarks of our operation.


The tight team of professionals at Chrysostomou & Theocharous ensure appropriate business practices are employed throughout each project.

The same principles that Chrysostomou & Theocharous has adopted in all projects are still our priority - that being 'hands on' with detailed participation in the project conception, design, documentation and project management.

Our development philosophy is simple and effective: to allow for a landscaped environment that maximises amenity and provides a rewarding experience for the end users. This is achieved by recognising and enhancing the ecological and environmental characteristics and under developing the site.

At Chrysostomou & Theocharous,

  • Our vision
  • Persistency
  • Commitment and attention to detail

are all hallmarks of our operation.

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