General information

EcoThermoHouse© is a new and perspective building technology of fast construction on the principle of “Lego” and is a unique patented process utilizing the power of composite technology.

EcoThermoHouse© is an eco-efficient building material – use recycled G90 galvanized steel and material efficient Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) high strength – resulting in a light-weight product (environmentally preferable for transportation) with minimal construction waste off-site, non on-site, minimal site disturbance (no heavy equipment needed for installation), fire retardant, insulation and vapour barrier in one fast, high-tech step and recyclability of all components in the event of deconstruction.

EcoThermoHouse© introduces the latest advancement in technology and gives all the benefits and savings both to the Builder and House-owner. Benefits accrue well beyond the design and construction budget through many options.


We made ready conclusion for you that will help to understand all benefits & advantages of this progressive technology.


ETH© with all these benefits will not cost you extra money but in fact will save you extra money before, during and years to come after the construction. Light foundation and non-use machinery.

Advantages and benefits


This system combines the highest energy saving insulation values with the ease of panellized construction. Air conditioning and heating capacity reduced by up to 1/3.

Advantages and benefits


You will be able to build your project much faster which translates into much faster revenue generation. ETH© on average cuts the construction period of a commercial building by 30%!

Advantages and benefits

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