Advantages and Benefits


EcoThermoHouse™ introduces the latest advancement in technology and give all the benefits and savings both to Builder and House owner. We made a ready conclusion for you that will help to understand all benefits & advantages of this progressive technology.


  • movable construction system allows easy disassembling and removal of the house to another site;
  • the house is sturdily built and protected against earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters;
  • there is no concrete shrinkage with this technology;
  • substantial energy savings due to construction of the building with this technology;
  • ECO indoor air quality, as in wooden houses, resulting in a Thermos effect, i.e.

HOT in winter and COOL in summer


  • significant savings of time on the project reduces project costs;
  • owing to the speed of construction of this house, bank loan will be more widely available;
  • the low-energy house, will result in greatly reduced utility bills;
  • air conditioning and heating costs reduced by up to 1/3;
  • fewer a crew; opportunity to erect EPS walls yourself will save greatly on time and labour costs;
  • savings made on construction materials: plastering, insulation, frames and truss system;
  • savings made with the reduction of waste disposal.

EcoThermoHouse™ : Owning an EcoThermoHouse will not only save you money during and after construction but will continue to save you money for many years to come.

Owning an EcoThermoHouse will not only save you money during and after construction but will continue to save your money for many years to come .

COST & TIME - Savings for Builders & Constructors


  • to use the simplest foundations, as lightweight construction and a cement pad of 40cm;
  • no heavy machinery and equipment is needed for the installation; minimal site disturbance;
  • high speed of construction (framing of 200m² house can be erected in 2 weeks);
  • ready-made panels include pre-framed doors and windows, thereby framing time can be cut by at least 50%;
  • using the patented EPS attachment method allows for closing the roof without trussing;
  • environmental building site with minimal construction waste off-site, non on-site;
  • recyclability of all components in the event of deconstruction.


  • extremely competitive price of the Panel set compered to conventional building materials;
  • savings in labour coast, i.e. eliminating the need for highly skilled installation contractors and reducing the crew;
  • reduces greatly transport charges;
  • no need for the closing of the building site;
  • substantially saving material cost for finishing, owing to the fact that the walls are straight and flat;
  • panels are made with EPS and insulation values are maintained and maximised. No need to buy extra insulation materials;
  • waste and clean-up costs are minimal.


EcoThermoHouse™ is super energy efficient thereby substantially reducing  energy  bills and keeping  you and your family permanently comfortable in the house .

The house will also have a unique thermal climate owing to the  use of the advanced EPS in the construction .

THINK about zero-energy housing of the future together with lower maintenance. Little need for much heating in the winter and little need for the use of air conditioners in the summer. After heating the house the temperature will remain consistent for around 8 hours.

The savings on energy cost can be huge, up to 80%:

Example: 200 € (month) x 12 (year) x 5 years = 12.000 €

Overall: air conditioning and heating capacity reduced by up to 1/3.